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                       Every month Analog Cookbook puts out a monthly newsletter where upcoming grants, residencies, fellowships and workshops are announced. Finding the right grant can be difficult and big...

Ten Leaves Dilated Goes to SXSW

Thrilled to announce that Ten Leaves Dilated is headed to SXSW this year! Ten Leaves Dilated (Dir: Kate E. Hinshaw and Co-Directed by Ebony Blanding) is a documentary that uses the make-believe world crafted by Cabbage Patch Kids to examine discourses surrounding...

Stereoscopic Film with the Nishika N8000

Around this time last year I bought a Nishika N8000 camera to document the holidays in 3D gifs, also known as wigglegrams. This vintage camera from the 90s is as much toy as it is camera. It’s called a one trick pony by just about every photography blog out there for...

Death Valley Girls – Hold My Hand

This summer Analog Cookbook sent out analog film kits to filmmakers all over North America to paint a music film for the LA-Based band Death Valley Girls. Today, that music video premiered on Rolling Stone France. This project featured 67 filmmakers of all ages who...

Film + art grants June 2020

Overall I find that “ultimate film grant lists” put out by filmmaking publications and startups are inaccessible to indie filmmakers who don’t already have the hookup. The problem with these lists is that most of us already know about the Sundance documentary fund or...

Ektachrome at Home

I love shooting on Ektachrome. The stock produces beautiful, saturated images and E6 film developing is a remarkably simple process. In the middle of working on my thesis film where I found myself in the darkroom more often than not, Covid-19 happened and everything...

Celebrating Analog in the Digital Age

Analog Cookbook is a biannual film zine and production house dedicated to sharing darkroom processing recipes, featuring work by celluloid enthusiasts, and creating moving image work on super 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm film.


Analog Cookbook was founded in 2019 by Kate E. Hinshaw, a tactile filmmaker and cinematographer who works with digital and film cameras alike. Her work has screened at Atlanta Film Festival, Denver Film Festival, Indie Grits, and several DIY festivals across the Southeast. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a director, cinematographer, and animator, Kate creates short films on both celluloid and digital media, as well as commissioned work for music videos, documentary, and narrative films.

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